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You do not have to leave your business to get your raised ink printing.

Full Color Raised Ink Business Cards
Finally, raised ink business card printing in full photographic colors!

This process has the advantage of not having to care about how many colors used in your design.  Also there are not any additional charges, like there are in traditional raised ink printing, for designs that would require close registration or full bleed. The one constraint for this process is that it is only available on one type of paper stock: semiglossy bright white 12pt Kromekote.

 full color raised ink with photo

Consider using this process any time your design needs to use 3 or more colors.

It can even print a color photograph. 



 ... or when your design has a multicolored logo:

  Renaissance Montessori School



This business card uses blue, black, and gold colors







or here is another card using full photographic colors:

 full photographic color printing with raised ink 















Full color raised printing one side only




Black and White printing on back




Color printing on back  (no raised - flat ink only)





Since this process does not have any optional costs for full bleed printing, tight registration, and since this process has only been developed on one type of business card stock, it really does not have any optional cost adders at this time.   

If your design has the characteristic of needing more than 2 colors, then we would recommend that you consider looking at the full color raised ink business card printing process.


Since we offer a free service to create a completely custom business card design, we are not constrained by templates, and we do not offer a bunch of templates. If you have started a design on your own, we would be happy to receive it and try to work with it the what ever way you want. The main thing to do to get started is to send us your information and any associated files so we can start working on it for you.

Ink Colors -

Complete full color process not requiring any special color mixes. 

Paper Media - only available on 12 Pt Kromekote glossy business card stock.


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