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New Full Color Raised Business Card Process

There is a new process available which allows us to print using full color printing and raise all the printing.  This process is available for a lower cost than the older process.  It does not require any cost adders for tight registration needed for close adjacent colors, and it does not have any additional cost for full bleed printing.  Currently the pricing for Qty=1000 of the above ReStore business card is $90 instead of the $132 cost for the old process.

This new process offers a cost savings, so that some designs which were cost prohibitive in the old raised ink process, can now be considered.  Also though, it offers some printing capabilites not even considered for raised business cards.

Here is an example:

raised ink card with photo

All areas on this card design that is not white, is raised.  Different colors are close and touching in many areas of the design at no extra charge.  There is full bleed printing on 3 edges of the card at no extra charge.  The design is not limited to a few color inks and even includes a multicolored photo.

Here is another design which might be better printed in using our full color raised in process:

DJ business cards

The use of 3 colors of ink ( green, black, and grey) plus the tight registration required by the closeness of the ink colors in the logo make it quite more expensive to print using the standard raised ink process.  So, this card is less expensive when printed using the new full color raised ink printing process.

The main limitation of this new full colored raised business card process is that it is only available on one type of card stock.  That stock is a 12pt glossy stock.

The old raised business card process is available on many different types of paper stock.