Raised Ink Printing by GalleriaVentures.com

You do not have to leave your business to get your raised ink printing.

Products we offer with raised ink printing
With raised ink printing you can actually feel the ink as it stands above the paper media. This offers a rich prominent feel for business cards, letterhead and panel cards printed this way.

 raised ink business card with green ink only

Traditional Raised Ink Business Cards 
Business cards printed using our traditional raised ink process offer many options:

  • different types of paper media
  • embossing
  • foil printing



full color raised in business card example

Full Color Raised Ink Business Cards 
Offers full color printing for less than what 3 color printing cost using the Traditional Raised Ink printing process.  Has gold seal, green title, black text, and a thin multicolor frame line.




 fish store letterhead


Letterhead can be printed using the same traditional raised ink printing process that is use for business cards.  This offers the advantage of being able to select a high graded paper to match the paper selected for the business cards. 

This allows businesses to present a standard branding image for their basic business materials.

Envelopes are also available for this type of printing.

The example here is printed on a slightly gray linen paper stock.




panel card for birth announcement





Panel Cards

Panel cards are small cards used for announcements, invitations, and more. These cards have a pressed in square which forms about a half inch frame around the card edge. Printing is placed inside the frame.  White envelopes are included. These come in two sizes.