Raised Ink Printing by GalleriaVentures.com

You do not have to leave your business to get your raised ink printing.

What are Raised Business Cards ?

They are business cards printed using a process which causes the ink to rise a little as it dries on the paper stock.  The dried raised ink gives a tactile feel that flat ink does not have and this feel is often thought to offer a higher quality feel.  This higher quality feel in the business card then transfers as a higher quality impression in the card’s presenter.

This printing process is more complex than some newer processes.  The complexities make it difficult to print with over two colors of ink, and cause significant price increases.  Also due to the complexity of the process there are more price adders, when two or more colors come in close contact (requires tight registration) or when ink has to be printed to the edge of the card (called full bleed printing).

Therefore, this process found its most accepted use when a business card design could be printed with just one color of ink.  Here is an example of one using just black ink:

Southern Solutions black raised business card

A black ink only business card design printed using the raised ink process offers a very low cost printing.  Also, there is usually, only a slight increase in business cards printed in another single color, like this blue one:

raised business card with just blue ink

Then if your design requires an additional color the printing cost can come close to doubling, then then double again if a third color is needed.  Here is a card with three colors of ink: ( green, blue, and black )

ReStore business card

If this card design could be printed just with black ink, the cost would be just $40 for Qty=1000.  With the complexities of three ink colors, the cost jumps to $ 132 for Qty=1000.

So there are many characteristics about a design being printed in raised ink which affect the cost of producing the cards.  That is why we need to review your design before we can confirm pricing.