Traditional Raised Ink Business Cards

Our traditional raised ink printing process is the same printing and thermography process we have used to supply business cards for many years.  It is a very stable high quality process.  

Design Considerations
Design decisions like: deciding how many ink colors to use, whether two ink colors need to be printed nearly touching, whether an ink color needs to extend to the cutting edge of the card, or whether you desire a heavy linen feel to your paper media, can all make a significant difference in the cost of printing your card. With our free design services, we will help you review these options and come up with the best solution for you.

 Designs using just black ink can offer an effective business card at the lowest cost.

This card is printed with blue ink only.

It costs a little more to print with a colored ink.

This card is printed with blue and green inks. 

The cost increases significantly when two or more colors of ink are needed. 

This card is printed with three ink colors: black, blue, and red.  When a design needs 3 ink colors we recommend looking at using our full color ink process because it may cost less than 3 ink colors on the traditional raised ink process. 

This design would also require a tight registration charge for the closeness of the blue and red inks and a full bleed charge for ink extended to two edges of the card. 

Another option is flat back side printing. (Ink cannot be raised on the back.)
Here is an example:  (front on left, back on right)

We offer this summarized overview of design considerations to help you as you envision your design. 

 Now we hope you are better prepared to send us your design or send us information so we can start creating a design for you.  Link to form for sending design and information.





Add’l 1000

Black ink with bright white card stock




One standard color and bright white stock




Black and one standard color/ white stock




Two standard colors/ white card stock




Three standard colors / white card stock






Although the raised ink process offers a low cost for simple designs, it becomes quite costly as the design becomes more complicated. Here is a partial list of options which require extra costs:

  1. Paper stock selections other than bright white have add on costs for different types of paper.  For example: Heavy Strathmore Bright White Linen is one of the most expensive and has $30 additional cost.  Selection of
  2. Registration costs for two or more colors which have a tight spacing between them. ($20).
  3. Bleed over costs of any ink which must extend to the card edge. ($15/card edge).
  4. PMS ink colors other than our standard ink colors require a $75 mix up charge.


If your design has the characteristic needing  full bleed ink going to card edge, or ink colors that have very tight adjacent placement, then we will analyze your design and itemize the special charges described above which would be applicable.

Since we offer a free service to create a completely custom business card design, we are not constrained by templates, and we do not offer a bunch of templates. If you have started a design on your own, we would be happy to receive it and try to work with it the what ever way you want.  The main thing to do to get started is to send us your information and any associated files so we can start working on it for you.

Ink Colors – use the following link to view our standard ink colors

Link to Pop up a list of our standard ink colors

Any ink color that is not shown is our standard ink colors requires a special mix up charge.

Paper Media – we offer a large selection of paper media of which we do not have a pop up preview page.  The more popular ones are listed on our order form.  If you want your business card design to have a solid background color or a complex background color (like marble or metallic copper) then the best way to achieve this is to use a colored paper media.  Tell us what you want and we will try to give you a match.

Lets get started:   –  please submit the following form:


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